New Minor in Digital Communication & New Media

The new Digital Communication & New Media Minor officially launched in Fall 2015. The minor is a collaborative program featuring the departments of English, Communication Studies, and Electronic Media. This exciting new program will allow students to explore digital worlds, social media, and a variety of other emerging modes of communication. The minor focuses on developing students’ ability to analyze and produce digital content and to provide students with intellectual skills necessary for the workforce of the 21st century. Students will take core courses in media theory, digital rhetorics, and new media and then choose 9 credits from a selection of over 30 courses from Communication Studies, English, and Electronic Media. Elective options include documentary filmmaking, popular culture, media ethics, investigative journalism, screenwriting, digital citizenship, and many more. Dr. Keith Massie (Communication Studies) and Dr. Moe Folk (English) co-chair the committee responsible for the minor.