The Indianapolis Resolution: Time for Change

a picture of Dr. Lynch-Biniek drinking coffee

Dr. Amy Lynch-Biniek spent many years in the trenches of the adjunct teaching pool. Her hard work and dedication to teaching and learning has rewarded her with a tenured position here at KU, but it is precisely this experience that has inspired her work with the CCCC Labor Caucus, a special interest group dedicated to contingent faculty issues in English and writing programs across the country. Dr. Lynch-Biniek and her colleagues in the CCCC Labor Caucus have recently initiated the Indianapolis Resolution, which asks “professional organizations, institutions, and departments / programs in Composition, Rhetoric, Writing and English to work towards reducing the extent to which departments and the field writ large use and exploit contingency to solve problems that primarily benefit the more secure members of those units.”

You can read more about the Indy Resolution and Dr. Lynch-Biniek’s labor work at The Compositionist.