Margaux Griffith joins English Faculty

Professor Margaux Griffith

Kutztown English Department’s newest professor is a woman of many talents. Professor Margaux Griffith’s journey to Kutztown University was filled with multiple pit stops which created experiences which she incorporates into her English Composition classes.

Professor Margaux Griffith, aptly named after Hemingway’s daughter, began her undergraduate degree as a music theater major and ended with a B.S. in Psychology. Since then, she has graduated from the Written Communication Program at Eastern Michigan University and received her MFA in creative writing from Oklahoma State University.

During the process, Professor Margaux Griffith realized her love for food and became obsessed with learning how to cook. She became a sous chef in 2002 and still enjoys reductions most of all.

Professor Margaux Griffith has won the Blue Bonnet Review Poetry Contest, the Anderbo Poetry Prize, as well as receiving honorable mention in the Academy of American Poets.

If you’d like to read some of Professor Griffith’s works below:

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