April 21: KUCC Explores Writing the World

The KU Composition Conference is a day-long forum in which students share their writing.This year, we invite all KU students to submit academic essays, creative pieces, and multi-media projects that engage in the theme of “Writing the World.” This theme invites us to consider the following:

  • What does it mean to write from a particular place or space in the world?
  • How do our identities allow us to write about particular ways we engage with the world?
  • What kinds of worlds do we inhabit personally, socially, intellectually, professionally? How can writing give expression to that?
  • In what ways do we use writing to help define or describe our worlds?
  • How is writing in the academic world different from or similar to expectations in the professional world? How can we translate academic writing to real-world applications?
  • How can personal narratives, memoir, and non-fiction writing allow us to articulate our lived experiences in the world?
  • How have new forms of writing digitally (online, through gaming and multi-media, in social media forums) altered the way we see the world?

Due Date for Submissions: Friday, March 18, 2016

Email Submissions to Co-Chairs Dr. Pytleski & Dr. Fennelly at pytleski@kutztown.edu and/or fennelly@kuztown.edu. Include a completed submission form with your proposal.

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