Professional Writing Student Brandon Wentz Named Mayor

a picture of Brandon Wnetz, a Professional Writing student recently named the mayor of Mt. Carbon

[Sadly, Brandon passed away unexpectedly on November 9, 2017. He was a great student and a great person; his professors and fellow students were always eager to be in his presence. We leave this post from March 2016 up as a testament to his courage and intelligence. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten.]

The English Department is proud to announce that Brandon Wentz (Professional Writing, Class of ’17) has been named the Mayor of Mount Carbon in Schuylkill County. After hearing that the acting mayor had resigned, Brandon applied for the position and was appointed at the next borough council meeting.

Brandon said he wanted to apply because he wanted to do something for his community and get his foot in the door around the area. After taking an intense recent interest in politics on the whole, he was alarmed by the amount of corruption that can infiltrate local governments because money is at the center of so many issues. As far as some of the issues facing him and what he’d like to do about them, Brandon had this to say: “The first thing I’d want to accomplish would have to be roadwork right now because we’ve got a couple nasty potholes in the borough. Eventually I want to tackle the low voter turnout and do more fundraising, but I’m going to take things one step at a time.”

Brandon comes from what might be considered a political dynasty of sorts: his grandmother was the first female mayor of the borough, having served in the 1980s. When asked about juggling both his school and civic commitments, Brandon said, “I’ll need to buckle down and keep things in perspective, as far as school and being mayor goes. School is still a lot of work and politics can be an ugly monster, so there are new challenges on the horizon. Things will be interesting for me in the next few months.” Brandon looks forward to the challenges that await him because he loves his hometown.

Mt. Carbon was formed in 1864 and is the smallest municipality in Schuylkill County. Today, the population is fewer than 100 residents. As Brandon said, “We have a great group of people on council and working for the borough and keeping things running smoothly for the time being. It’s a nice little community, that’s for sure, not a whole lot of disturbances. Just a peaceful area, really.”

The English Department wishes Brandon the best of luck as student and public official over the next year!

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