English Department Awards – Past Winners

The English Department gives a variety of annual awards to both majors and students in our general education classes. For more information on English Department Awards, please contact Dr. Patricia Davies Pytleski or Dr. Kristina Fennelly.

Bartholomew Award in Writing
Funded by a trust donated by Professor Marguerite Bartholomew, who taught English at KU from 1959 to 1977, this award goes to the student who has written the best Freshman English Composition of the year. Applicants may be of any major.

2017 Recipient: Ashley Stein – “More Than Meets the Eye”
2016 Recipient: Kacie Eberly “Planned Parenthood Funding”
2015 Recipient: Jared Wilson, “Is It Really ‘Love’”

Bennett Harris Humorous Writing Award
Funded by a trust in honor of the late Bennett Harris, Professor of English, this award goes to the writer of the most humorous fiction or nonfiction work.

2017 Recipient: Bryce Johle “Oh, You Don’t Have to Do That”
2016 Recipient: Anne Moschorak, “Rapunzel Gets a Haircut”
2015 Recipient: Martha Kairis, “The Visit”

Deatrick Scholarship Award in English
Funded by a trust donated in 1964 by Anna Louise Mitchell on the 50th anniversary of her graduation from KU and dedicated to the memory of her father, Professor W. W. Deatrick, who taught English here for 32 years. Applicants must intend to teach English and must have either English or Secondary Education/English or Communication as a Major. Applicants must be at least sophomores.

2017 Recipient: Allison Conrad
2016 Recipient: Allison Conrad
2015 Recipient: Bethany Hoover

Emma Richards-Bausch Award in Literary Criticism
Funded by a trust started in 1983 by Professor Emma S. Richards, who taught criticism at KU from 1965 to 1983, this award honors the senior who has written the best critical paper of the academic year.

2017 Recipient: Kayla Woodington – “Bumps in the Night: Examining Fear and Anxiety in Lovecraft’s Prose”
2016 Recipient: Heather Flyte “The Island is Not Done With Us Yet”
2015 Recipient: Torri Ghaner, “Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilych as a Critique of the Bourgeoisie”

George K. Monroe Memorial Award
Funded by a trust in honor of the late George K. Monroe, Professor of English, who taught Linguistics and History of the English Language at KU from 1968 to 1996, this award goes to the best student in linguistics during the current year.

2017 Recipient: no entries
2016 Recipient: Justin Hirthler
2015 Recipient: Elizabeth Geisinger

Karen Blomain Award in Fiction
The Karen Blomain Fiction Award will be given to the student writer who has produced the best original piece of prose fiction in short or long forms. This award was established in memory of Prof. Karen Blomain, novelist, poet, and playwright, who taught in the English Department’s Professional Writing Program from 1991-2007 and co-advised Shoofly for three years.

2017 Recipeient: Bryce Johle – “Statue of Liberty”
2016 Recipient: Bryce Johle “500 Tokens”
2015 Recipient: Bill Repko, “Evan Is a Place on Earth”

Keystone Newswriting Scholarship
Established by the English Department faculty to recognize outstanding skill and contributions by a continuing undergraduate student who has written an article or series of articles for The Keystone.

2017 Recipient: Justin Sweitzer
2016 Recipient: Amber DeFabio
2015 Recipient: Taryn Gehman

Mary S. Kittel Award in Writing for Social and Environmental Justice
Mary S. Kittel was a writing major, former editor of The Keystone, organizer of the first KU Earth Day, and KU alumna who went on to a professional writing career with Rodale Press and authored several health and fitness books. The award will be given to the best essay written on an issue involving the environment, health, education, human rights, or social justice.

2017 Recipient: Stephanie Jack – “What’s in a Name: Slut Shaming”
2016 Recipient: Sarah Gittle “Hey Baby!”
2015 Recipient: Taryn Gehman, “The Agent-Structure Relationship During Times of Genocide”

Raymond W. Ford Award in Poetry
This award is funded by a trust started in 1996 by Dr. Raymond W. Ford, who chaired the KU English Department from 1962 to 1979, and is given to the best student poet of the current year.

2017 Recipient: Madison Gross – “Three Months”
2016 Recipient: Dawn Heinbach “Stunning”
2015 Recipient: Stefani Benrubi, “Map of Square One” and “Love Poem for Anybody”

Dr. Walter Nott English Scholarship
The applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student majoring in English and entering into his/her senior year.  Additionally, the applicant should demonstrate dedication to the major of English and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Preference will be given to those applicants who intend to continue his or her course of study upon graduation from Kutztown University and to applicants who demonstrate financial need.

2017 Recipient: Macey Tanseco
2016 Recipient: Kambria Carlson
2015 Recipient: Lauren Sobczak

Newton & Edna Geiss Award for English Scholarship
Funded by a trust donated in 1965 by writers Newton and Edna Geiss, this award goes to the graduating senior with the highest quality point average in English.

2017 Recipient: Kim Winters
2016 Recipients: Cezanne Colvin and Victoria Smurthwaite
2015 Recipient: Kaitlin Braun

Hearst Foundation Scholarship in Professional Writing
Given to an English/Professional Writing major who has at least a 3.5 GPA in the major, has earned at least 96 credits, and is a continuing student.

2017 Recipient: Kim Winters
2016 Recipient: Cezanne Colvin
2015 Recipient: Cezanne Colvin

Ruth Bonner Scholarship
Funded by Ruth Bonner, Class of 1921, to provide scholarship aid to a worthy English Major with financial need who has earned at least 90 credits, has an overall QPA equivalent to B+, and a major QPA of A.

2017 Recipient: Stephanie Jack
2016 Recipient: Megan Mehalick
2015 Recipient: Laura Klawiter

Outstanding English Major Award
Funded by the English Department and the English Association of the Pennsylvania State Universities, this award goes to the most outstanding English major who is a junior or senior.  The winner is nominated and elected by the English Department Faculty.

2017 Recipients: Shubham Maini & Kim Winters
2016 Recipients: Lauren Sobczak and Cezanne Colvin
2015 Recipient: Kaitlin Braun

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