New Fall 2016 Course: ENG 278: Women Writers Around the World

canvas of orange-yellow brushstrokes

Join Dr. Colleen Clemens MWF from 1:00-1:50 for ENG 278: Women Writers Around the World. (This course is also cross-listed as WGS 278 as part of the Women’s and Gender Studies minor.) The root of the course is to bring marginalized voices to the forefront for a semester. Often women writers don’t find themselves in the canon, so this class ignores the canon and explores writers from all over the world: Nigeria, Algeria, Haiti, Iran, India, Jamaica, and other countries. Women’s stories are universal, compelling, and often ignored. This class brings these writers out of the periphery and to the forefront so that students can experience a multitude of voices—and see that the experiences of the texts often reflect our own experiences more than we might think. All of the texts are contemporary and pulsing with issues that relate to the world today. By the end of the semester, students will have broadened their own understanding of literature and have a richer view of the world around them.

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