New Fall 2016 Course: ENG 314: Social Media Analytics

a picture showing the stream view of Nuvi software

Want to unearth the secrets of social media? Join Dr. Moe Folk MWF from 1:00-1:50 for ENG 314: Social Media Analytics to apply industry-standard analytics tools and discover the rhetorical strategies behind effective social media. This course centers on critical thinking and analytical writing rooted in the real world as it unfolds right before your eyes.

Here’s the official description from the course catalog:

Students will learn how to collect, analyze, and derive insights from social media information. Students will also learn how to craft effective technical reports based on information generated from social media analysis. By examining and reporting effective strategies for creating social media content, students will become better at producing their own social media content, which is an increasingly important ability in a wide range of fields. Students will develop skills in using both freely available and industry-standard digital social media analytics tools.

This course is cross-listed with Communication Studies, so it counts for the minor and major in Communication Studies. In addition to fitting in both the English major and Professional Writing checksheets, ENG 314 is also part of the minor in Digital Communication and New Media minor.

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