New Fall 2016 Course: ENG 323: Native American Women Writers

picture of concrete with green flaking paint

Join Dr. Amanda Morris MWF 10_00-10:50 for ENG 323: Native American Women Writers. This course is also cross-listed as WGS 323 as part of the Women’s and Gender Studies minor. Here’s the description from the official course catalog:

This course provides undergraduate students an introduction to selected Native American Women Writers across several genres. Students will experience a variety of writings which move across traditional boundaries (such as nonfiction, poetry, fiction, theory, activist, and so on). The course also provides students an opportunity to consider Indigenous Feminism in theory and practice. Students will consider issues of gender, identity, cross-cultural understanding, individuality and community by intellectually engaging with the texts and performances of Native American women. This class may also include the opportunity for digital storytelling, blogging, interviewing, and community engagement.

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