What’s in a word?

We live in a culture that emphasizes labeling things, or at least strives to name or categorize aspects of our lives. The ability to classify with language is important in how we function as a society. But sometimes the language or words we use can cause more harm than good.

For this assignment, students in Prof. Margaux Griffith’s ENG 23: Composition I classes constructed 2-3 minute audio responses replying back to a names or labels they have been mislabeled as. The goal was to define the terms to the intended audience—the person or people mislabeling them.

Words have many meanings and long histories to get to them where we are now. Students spent time learning the roots of words not only through denotative meanings, but also the connotations derived from those words. The submissions were extremely reflective and sincere. A contest was held for each of the four sections. The winning audio files are below.

Monkey by Brandon Leacraft

Gang-affiliated by Cameron Willis

Worthless by Kristina Miller

Skook by Trevor Skripko

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