Philosophy & Poetry Day to feature KU English Poets

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By Joshua Raver |

Kutztown’s English and Philosophy departments will jointly celebrate Philosophy and Poetry day Thursday, March 23rd, 2017. This event will be held at 4:30 p.m. in MSU 223. The celebration will feature discussions of the relationships between philosophy and poetry.

The purpose of this event is to draw attention to the close relationship that poetry and philosophy have had throughout human history.  Kutztown University Philosophy professor Dr. M. Ashraf Adeel says that, “These two disciplines, along with religion, have shaped human civilizations throughout history. They are the sources of inspiration as well as values and visions for all cultures of humanity.” Both poetry and philosophy can be considered an activity. While poetry is an expressive form of myth making and a creative expression of language, philosophy finds its roots in wisdom and relation to all human interests in all its creative, elucidative, and evaluative functions. As intellectuals and scholars (arguably necessarily as humans) it is our duty to seek out new ways to expand our views and learn. Dr. Adeel states that “People need to attend this event not only for enjoying the richness of both poetry and philosophy but also for coming into contact with new visions and values. “

Dr. Lara Ostaric, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Temple University, will open the event. Featured poets include Dr. Heather Thomas (Cedar Crest College), Prof. Claire McQuerry (Kutztown University), Prof. Margaux Griffith (Kutztown University), Dr. M. Ashraf Adeel (Kutztown University), as well as several student poets.

This event is sponsored by the Kutztown University Departments of English and Philosophy, Association of Campus Events (ACE), and Women Centre. Please contact Ms. Laurel Delaney at 610-683-4230 for more information.

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