English Department Awards & Scholarship Winners Announced

a picture of the 2017 Kutztown English award winners

By Joshua Raver |

This year’s recipients of Kutztown’s English department’s honors, awards and scholarships were honored Monday in the MSU. Students were honored based on the exemplary academic works they have created over the last year. This year’s ceremony opened with remarks from Marc Demco, a member of the English Department Advisory Panel and Senior Director of Communications for ArtsQuest in Bethlehem. His advice to “write every single day of your life, if you don’t write a lot, you lose your creative juices…try to learn every day and push yourself in your career,” resonated with the soon-to-be graduating class of English majors.

Introductions were also provided by Jenni Levy, also a member of the advisory panel, who, commenting on why she was an English major even though she wanted to go into medical school said that, “College was my last chance to do something different and something that I wanted to do. Think about being an English major as a skill set…that it means you can think clearly define your arguments and do research. We often think about college as vocational training…try not to get stuck in that mindset.”

Among the recipients this year was Kutztown Junior Kimberly Winters. She received the award for Outstanding English Major, as she is the only upperclassman within the English department to currently hold a 4.0 GPA.  Desktop Publishing, Journalism, and Copy & Line Editing have been the most influential classes in Winters’s professional life.  These classes helped to make her a prime candidate for her job within the College of Business where she works on their semiannual magazine, InnoVision. Apart from receiving the Outstanding English Major award, Winters also received the Geiss Award for English and the Hearst scholarship, both for her remarkable GPA.  Kutztown professor Jeffrey Voccola introduced Winters with a comment on her work ethic as head editor of Shoofly, Kutztown’s literary magazine. Voccola stated that, “Not only is she an excellent student, she’s also a brilliant leader.” Winters is expected to graduate in December of 2017, but she isn’t entirely sure what she wants to do after college.

Shubham Maini received Kutztown’s Outstanding English Major award. Maini was introduced by Dr. Bob Kilker. Kilker stated that what set Maini apart is his versatility in the classroom and his inquisitive nature. Rather than taking things at face value, Kilker noted that Maini has the capability to ask and figure out, “what’s important about that.”. When asked what classes were most influential to him, Maini stated that Culture and Media Studies (Dr. Kilker); Shakespeare’s Later Plays (Dr. Forsyth); Women, Writing, and Rhetoric (Dr. Cullum), and Literary Theory (Dr. Ronan) “helped me to broaden my horizon and motivated me to utilize innovative ways of seeing and thinking about the world in my life. Under the mentorship of remarkable professors, I also had the opportunity to develop my research, writing, and presentation skills.” Maini has attended and participated in several literary conferences. He was given the M. Rick Smith Undergraduate Student Essay Prize and was awarded the Honorable Mention for Best Academic Paper at the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges Annual Conference. After Graduation Maini intends to continue his studies at Duquesne University to pursue his master’s degree in English with a focus on human rights literature, postcolonial literature and theory, and feminist gender studies.

Students were honored based on their academic work from March of 2016 to March of 2017 and reviewed by English Department faculty. The awards and scholarships are given annually every spring. The full list of 2017 recipients is listed below. Detailed information on the scholarships can be found here.


Emma Richards-Bausch Award in Literary Criticism:

  • Kayla Woodington – “Bumps in the Night: Examining Fear and Anxiety in Lovecraft’s Prose”

Raymond W. Ford Award in Poetry:

  • Madison Gross – “Three Months”

Karen Blomain Award in Fiction:

  • Bryce Johle – “Statue of Liberty”

Bartholomew Award in Writing:

  • Ashley Stein – “More Than Meets the Eye”

Mary S. Kittel Award in Writing for Social and Environmental Justice

  • Stephanie Jack – “What’s in a Name: Slut Shaming”

Bennett Harris Humorous Writing Award:

  • Bryce Johle “Oh, You Don’t Have to Do That”

Newton & Edna Geiss Award for English Scholarship

  • Kim Winters

Outstanding English Majors:

  • Shubham Maini
  • Kim Winters



Deatrick Scholarship Award in English:

  • Allison Conrad

Ruth Bonner Scholarship

  • Stephanie Jack

Hearst Foundation Scholarship in Professional Writing

  • Kim Winters

Keystone Newswriting Scholarship

  • Justin Sweitzer

Dr. Walter Nott English Scholarship

  • Macey Tanseco


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