New Course: Comics Studies

an example of a tracing project from Dr. Bleach's Comics Studies class

Dr. Bleach developed an ENG 370 special topics course on Comics Studies, which was offered for the first time in Spring 2016 and will run again in Spring 2018.

Here is what Dr. Bleach had to say about ENG 370: Comics Studies:

“I’m really excited about teaching the course a second time. We spent a unit on comics form, where students learned the language of comics, drawing from Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and looking at a wide range of comics, from comic strips to contemporary underground comics to classic superhero books. Students traced and annotated two pages from Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely’s manga-influenced We3. We then spent a unit on comics history, where students were required to present on an area of comics history (an influential artist, a seminal book, an historical movement, etc.) not covered in reading or lecture. We had a third unit on comics culture, looking at comic book stores, fandom, collectors, transmedia properties, webcomics, and adaptations. And in our final unit, students created a mini-comic from Paul Hluchan’s “The Wrong Planet” activity.”

The image associated with this post is a student example of the tracing project based on Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely’s We3.

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