Seniors Explore the Profession

a picture from senior seminar student's digital portfolio

Congratulations to our graduating English majors!  In the Senior Seminar course this year, students developed websites to present themselves professionally in preparation for the workplace or graduate school. The websites here are wonderful examples of what our graduates have done while at KU and what they have to offer to the world. Seniors were asked to complete a colloquium project, which includes a preface and a research paper. In the preface, students reflect on their choice of an English major and their progress through the major, explain academic and research choices, connect extracurricular activities to these choices, and explain the choice of a research project as a natural outgrowth of where they have been and where the want to go after graduation. In the research project, students focus on one area of interest which will help them reach their academic and career goals. On these websites, you will also find links to students’ resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and any other work they have done in pursuit of their goals.

Edward Probasco

Abbey Montrachet

Emily Goodwin

Madison Gross

Devin Gacke

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