Fall 2019 Graduate Courses

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Check out the Fall 2019 course offerings for new and returning M.A. in English graduate students:

ENG 551 Post Colonial Literary Theory and Texts

This course provides an overview of the leading currents, issues, and debates in Postcolonial theory, including the definition of field, gender, political, and resistance issues and an in-depth look at Postcolonial literary texts.

ENG 576 Seminar in Film History, Theory, and Criticism

Students in this course will have the opportunity to explore basic and advanced issues in film history, theory and criticism. A wide range of films will be studied from both American and World Cinema. Student participation and independent research are required, along with completion of a final project or term paper.

ENG 585 Studies in English Romanticism

This course focuses on the two-fold achievement of the English Romantic Movement in effecting a break with the literary traditions of the past, and simultaneously anticipating the new attitudes current in our time.
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