English Department Awards & Scholarship Winners Announced

The list of recipients of Kutztown’s English department’s honors, awards and scholarships have been announced. Students will be honored in a ceremony on April 18 at 4:30 p.m.  Congratulations to the winners!

The full list of 2018 recipients is listed below. Detailed information on the scholarships can be found here.


Emma Richards-Bausch Award in Literary Criticism:

  • Samantha Paine

Raymond W. Ford Award in Poetry:

  • Samantha Paine

Karen Blomain Award in Fiction:

  • Samantha Paine

Bartholomew Award in Writing:

  • Jaden Hudson

Mary S. Kittel Award in Writing for Social and Environmental Justice

  • Samantha Paine

Bennett Harris Humorous Writing Award:

  • John Lukan

Newton & Edna Geiss Award for English Scholarship

  • Sara Nicotra

Outstanding English Majors:

  • Dallas Ernst
  • Samantha Paine



Deatrick Scholarship Award in English:

  • Emily Dietrich

Ruth Bonner Scholarship

  • Adeena Woodard
  • Emily Dietrich

Hearst Foundation Scholarship in Professional Writing

  • Dontez Jolly

Keystone Newswriting Scholarship

  • Kaylee Lindenmuth