KUCC – Wednesday, April 10

The 2019 KU Composition Conference will be held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. This year’s theme is “Byway of Writing.” A byway, a little traveled side road, is an apt metaphor for the path we take when writing. When we write, we may end up in places we did not think about before we started, making discoveries about ourselves and the world around us. Likewise, when we write, we have an opportunity to take a byway through a particular topic, bringing new insight to the conversation.

Just like we travel via different roads, so do we communicate many different ideas, stories, arguments, and more via, or by way of writing. By way of writing, we help others travel to places that they have never been. By way of writing, we share our own voices on topics that matter to us. By way of writing, we take creative risks. By way of writing, we make sense of the world and look deeper into things that confuse us, anger us, excite us, challenge us, and unite us.

This year, the KUCC invites writers to submit compositions in any genre, for a variety of audiences, which take readers down any of those byways out there waiting to be discovered and celebrated. Byways are not paved, they are not main roads, and they are not always easily traveled. However, there are rewards when we reach our destinations. Writing, like taking a less traveled path, is not always easy, but the end results are worth celebrating.

That is what this conference is all about. Share with us your own byways of writing.


KUCC 2019 Conference Program

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