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Dr. Andrew Vogel
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Bachelor of Arts in English

“English majors are exactly the people I’m looking for,” says Santosh Jayaram, an accomplished Silicon-Valley entrepreneur. Cited in The Wall Street Journal, Jayaram admires the unique ability of English majors to “tell stories,” which, in his view, enables them to communicate the visionary ideas behind new products and innovations to potential investors.

The Bachelor of Arts in English at Kutztown University prepares students for professional and personal success as they produce original research and demonstrate their findings.

Dedicated and creative faculty guide students through an exploration of diverse and exciting texts. We insist that our students chart their own course of study by choosing from a variety of classes on writing, literature, multimedia, practical rhetoric, and social controversy.

Our emphasis on rigorous research and adventurous thinking prepares students for the workplace, graduate school, and socially engaged lives.
Related Programs
Minor in Literature
Minor in Professional Writing
Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies
Minor in Digital Communication & New Media

Students who choose the B.A. in English also have internship opportunities available, as well as several departmental programs and clubs that support further learning.

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