Culture & Media Concentration

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Dr. Robert Kilker
(610) 683-4339

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Bachelor of Arts in English with a Concentration in Culture & Media Studies

With our Concentration in Culture and Media Studies, the Kutztown University English Program offers interested students the opportunity to define their field of study as they take courses in the history, theory, and practice of popular media.

Students who complete this concentration enjoy the overall benefits of the English major while developing the analytical and rhetorical skills particular to the study of modern media. Graduates in this concentration will be prepared to take on careers in journalism, visual media, social and political activism, higher education, advertising, publishing, and many more.

All students who complete the concentration will benefit from a fundamental understanding of contemporary media, but they will navigate their own paths through the program in the choices of electives.  As the diagram below indicates, every student takes two core classes, ENG 219: Culture and Media, and WRI 212: Intro to Mass Communication.  With those courses, students develop an understanding of the critical theory of popular media as well as a grasp on the history and politics of media industries.  For a third course in the concentration, students can choose from among a variety of media analysis classes.  Having built such a strong intellectual foundation, students are well-equipped to courses in film studies, literary and music journalism, screenwriting, and digital media.

For more information, contact the Director of Culture & Media Studies, Dr. Robert Kilker.