Ellesia Blaque

a picture of Dr. Blaque

Assistant Professor, Africana & Ethnic Literatures

PhD (English), Wayne State University

My teaching philosophy is constituted by four individual, yet interrelated principles. The first is my commitment to provide students the knowledge for which their tuition has paid. My courses are designed to challenge the ways in which students think by instilling in them the fundamental approach to acquiring objectively informed knowledge: conducting concrete and intelligent analysis that asks, “What do we think, what do we know, and what can we prove?” This approach to teaching, coupled with an invitation for students to be inquisitive and reciprocally challenging, is not only apparent in the routinely enlightened lively classroom dialectic I experience, but also reveals itself in students’ advancement from the colloquial classroom to the scholarly essay. This aspect of my teaching philosophy supports my confidence in the belief that not only are all students capable of reaching their highest learning potential, but also that educators with a clear understanding of how their students learn are more likely to see positive results in students’ regularity in meeting or exceeding the learning outcomes prescribed for their courses.