Ed Christian

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Contact Information
Lytle 1244
(610) 683-4350
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Courses Taught
ENG 10: Introduction to Literature
ENG 22: Introduction to College Composition
ENG 23: College Composition
ENG 100: Principles of Literary Analysis
ENG 111: The Bible as Story and Literary Source
ENG 113: British Literature I
ENG 114: British Literature II
ENG 120: Current Themes in Literature: Apocalypse Now!
ENG 125: Current Themes in Literature: Detective Fiction
ENG 128: Current Themes in Literature: The Thriller
ENG 251: Old Testament Literature
ENG 252: New Testament Literature
ENG 270: Short Story
ENG 312: Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 343: Nineteenth Century Studies: Poetry 1840-1890
ENG 380: Senior Seminar in English
ENG 493: The Twentieth Century British Novel
ENG 530: Chaucer
ENG 534: Studies in Middle English Literature

Associate Professor, Detective and Post-Apocalyptic Literatures

PhD (English), University of Nebraska

Dr. Christian teaches popular fiction such as detective novels and thrillers. Books he has published include Joyce Cary’s Creative Imagination, The Post-Colonial Detective, Mortuary: A Novel About Love and Death, Post-colonial Detectives: An Updated List of Works and Writers, Joyful Noise, and Polysexuality.