Moe Folk

Professor, Digital Rhetoric & Multimodal Composition

PhD (Rhetoric & Technical Communication), Michigan Technological University

Dr. Folk’s research and teaching center on understanding how emerging technologies and rhetorical concepts can be combined to better analyze and produce digital texts. In particular, his research focuses on issues of ethos in digital realms, especially the role that multimodal style plays in shaping contemporary notions of credibility and digital ethos. He also publishes on various aspects of teaching writing with new technologies.

In the last two years, his publications include a co-edited print collection on digital ethos and establishing online credibility, book chapters on using audio essays and QR codes in the writing classroom and examining the relationship between visual rhetoric and multimodal style, articles on the benefits of applying the writing style of Félix Fénéon to today’s digital contexts, the need to experiment with different types of audio essays in writing classrooms, and the importance of technological professional development in building pedagogical innovation. He also co-authored another webtext on the importance of technological professional development for composition instructors.

His current research projects include a study of how social media analytics software can aid students in writing analytical reports, and an examination of the relationship between stylistic choices in digital composing contexts and their environmental impacts. Additionally, Dr. Folk tests various digital tools for their uses in the writing classroom and was recently selected to be the Disputatio section editor of the digital academic journal Kairos. He also continues to take part in other scholarly and technical editing projects.