Curtis Herr

Professor, Victorian Literature
Graduate Program Coordinator

PhD (English), Fordham University

Dr. Curtis Herr’s research includes Victorian sensation fiction, Gothic literature, contemporary gay and lesbian literature, modern drama, and Penny Dreadfuls. He is the co-editor of the Journal of Dracula Studies with Kutztown University colleague Dr. Anne Delong. He is also the founding associate editor for Studies in Gothic Fiction and serves on the Editorial Board for Supernatural Studies.

His publications include “Penny Dreadfuls, Tales from the Crypt: The Rise and Fall of Notorius Victorian Street Fiction” which serves as the introduction to the 1844 Penny Dreadful The Black Monk, “Raising the Shadow: Spiritualism and Resistance in Mrs. Henry Wood’s Dene Hollow,” which appears as the introduction to Dene Hollow, and The Annotated Dracula which he co-annotated with Dr. Delong. Dr. Herr has created three classes for the Department: ENG 132: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Literature; ENG 239: Pioneers of Pulp Fiction, British Working Class Literature: 1800-1860; and ENG 285: Victorian Popular Fiction.

In the Spring of 2009, Dr. Herr took a sabbatical to study the gothic novels of the Victorian writer, Marie Corelli. This sabbatical resulted in two professional publications. “Marie Corelli: Literary Decadence and her Gothic Trilogy” was published as the introduction to the Zittaw Press edition of her 1886 novel, Vendetta, and his study, “Ziska: Voluptuous Vamp, Sinister Seducer, Dangerous Dame” was published as the introduction to the Valencourt Publishers edition of her 1897 novel, Ziska. He continued his research in the spring of 2017, taking a sabbatical to research the political significance of Victorian female spiritualists of the 1870’s. He studied these women’s lives and their social, historical, and cultural contributions—not as supernaturalists, but as women who used the rise in spirituality to gain power and agency over their voices and lives in a patriarchal society obsessed with silencing them.