Margaux Griffith

a picture of Professor Griffith

Assistant Professor, Composition & Poetry

MFA (Creative Writing), Oklahoma State University

Professor Griffith has been adjunct teaching all across Oklahoma for the past two years. Professor Griffith has had the opportunity to develop multiple themed Composition courses relevant to the experiences of diverse student populations. Past themes have included children & consumerism, subcultures, music & its influence on modern society, copyright & ownership, and consumerism & materialism. In her past life, Professor Griffith was a chef in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so food comes up quite often.

When not teaching or driving, she has worked on her manuscript of poetry, This House is an Orchard. Professor Griffith won the 2012 Anderbo Poetry Prize for her poem “Apple Galette,” as well as the 2015 Blue Bonnet Poetry Prize for her poem “Routine.” She was also the 2012 Honorable Mention for the Academy of American Poets Prize. She has publications in The Boiler Journal, The Citron Review, Hot Metal Bridge, Naugatuck River Review, and/or, The Cossack Review, and Rathalla Review.