William D. Prystauk

a picture of Professor Prystauk

Assistant Professor, Professional Writing

MA (English), Slippery Rock University

After earning his BA in History from Rutgers and an MA in English from Slippery Rock, Professor Prystauk went on to have a successful career in marketing as a writer and graphics designer before earning his MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes. He is also an award-winning poet, screenwriter, filmmaker, and educator. His dramatic horror scripts Red Agenda and Risen have taken first place in international contests. Prystauk’s crime thriller Bloodletting, which won second place at the Screenwriters Showcase Screenplay Contest in 2006, is now a published novel of the same name. His textbook, Earn Internships, Secure Employment: A Practical Guide to Writing for the Workplace is available from Kendall Hunt publishing. Prystauk continues to write novels and screenplays, as well as direct films. He is also co-host of the award-winning horror podcast, The Last Knock, available on iTunes and on his horror and filmmaking site, Crash Palace Productions.