Patrick Walters

a picture of Professor Walters

Assistant Professor, Journalism/Creative Nonfiction

MFA (Creative Nonfiction), Goucher College

Professor Patrick Walters is a former reporter for the Associated Press. He is most interested in immersion journalism, breaking news, music writing, and literary journalism. He recently published an article entitled “Cracking a Closed Culture as an Immersion Journalist” which appeared in Teaching Journalism and Mass Communications in Summer 2015. His piece on a small jazz club in Philadelphia, “Coming on Midnight in a House of Bebop” appeared in EAPSU Online in Fall 2014 and his most recent piece, “Ted Conover and the Origins of Immersion in Literary Journalism” appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of Literary Journalism Studies. He is the Webmaster and Board Member for the English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities. Prof. Walters also serves as the Associate Adviser for The Keystone, Kutztown University’s student newspaper.