Digital Communication & New Media Minor

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Dr. Moe Folk
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Minor in Digital Communication & New Media

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The digital communication and new media minor is a collaborative program between the Departments of English, Communication Studies, and Electronic Media that debuts in Fall 2015. Students who pursue the minor will receive training and education that will prepare them for a new world of digital media and reorganized media circulation and production.

The minor is 18 credits, which consists of three elective and the following three required courses:

  • COM 245: New Media and Communication
  • ENG/WRI 333: Digital Rhetoric and Writing
  • TVR 130: Media Theory and Aesthetics

Today, new hires in an ever-expanding array of careers are expected to have skill sets that include establishing and growing a social media presence, producing digital content for multiple web platforms, and understanding web analytics. The minor emphasizes that the student best prepared for the workplace of the next generation will not only be technically trained in the use of digital media, but will also have a deeper understanding of how to analyze and produce communication effectively for those media.

Kutztown example of social media analytics