Professional Writing Minor

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Minor in Professional Writing

The Minor in Professional Writing at Kutztown University is fast becoming a popular choice for students in all fields of study. The Professional Writing Minor allows individuals specializing in other fields to gain a patent advantage in their approaching career. By equipping students with an enhanced ability to communicate within their chosen vocation, a minor in Professional Writing will help to differentiate one job applicant from the next.

Virtually every job that exists requires some type of writing. Scientists must be able to write detailed, coherent reports on their findings. A student majoring in political science with a minor in writing could have a prolific career as a speech writer or press correspondent. For the budding philosopher, a minor in writing could be the difference between his texts wallowing in the despair of obscurity or flourishing in the splendor of philosophical esteem. Criminal Justice majors can improve the quality of their position papers and reports with a minor in writing. Whatever the case, the value of a minor in Professional Writing can not be denied.

The Professional Writing Minor consists of 18 credits of core and elective courses. The core is comprised of 9 credits, made up of the following courses:

  • WRI 213: Copy and Line Editing
  • WRI 207: Writing for the Workplace

Plus one of the following:

  • WRI 208: Creative Writing: Forms
  • WRI 211: Journalism

In addition, students must complete three elective courses of their choosing, one of which must be at the 300-level. Students may take any writing course available to majors, but must satisfy any prerequisites for the courses they choose.