NYC Theater Trip

Join Dr. Curt Herr for a trip to New York City to see the new hit musical, Hand to God. The bus will depart Kutztown University for New York City and return the same day. Participants will have time to do some sightseeing after the show. Contact Dr. Herr for more information.

“Deep in the heart of Broadway, there lurks a creature so outrageous, so scandalous, so totally surprising… and so refreshingly, shockingly true. This is Tyrone, the scene-stealing sprite who springs hilariously to life in this brilliant, Tony-nominated thrill ride of a comedy. True, Tyrone may be an inanimate object, but his riotously raunchy riffs on everything from love to faith shake a small Texas town to its core, while proving that it is both sinfulness and saintliness that make us all truly human… and utterly alive.”

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