PW Curriculum

The major in Professional Writing begins, like most other majors, with a course in ENG 23: English Composition your freshman year. Kutztown University also offers a more challenging alternative, ENG 25: Honors Composition. Either of these Composition courses will satisfy one half of your composition requirement. The other half is typically taken your sophomore or junior year in the form of ENG 230: Advanced Composition.

The Professional Writing core is made up of 18 credits (6 classes) that cover a broad range of study. The core is designed to build a well-rounded foundation in common areas of focus in Professional Writing.

The 18 credit Core consists of the following courses:

  • WRI 100: Contemporary Issues in Professional Writing
  • WRI 207: Writing for the Workplace
  • WRI 208: Creative Writing: Forms
  • WRI 211: Journalism
  • WRI 212: Introduction to Mass Communications
  • WRI 213: Copy and Line Editing

Following completion of the core, the Professional Writing program offers you the chance to customize your experience with a number of major electives in professional writing. The electives are designed to fit into five categories of specialization: Newspaper Journalism, Magazine Writing, Creative Writing, Public Relations and Technical Writing. Following is a list of the courses, organized by specialization.

Newspaper Journalism

  • WRI 303: Investigative Journalism
  • WRI 304: American Literary Journalism
  • WRI 305: Journalism Laboratory
  • WRI 314: Pop Music Journalism
  • WRI 410: Arts & Entertainment Writing

Magazine Writing

  • WRI 214: Magazine Writing
  • WRI 304: American Literary Journalism
  • WRI 306: Advanced Magazine Writing
  • WRI 314: Pop Music Journalism
  • WRI 325: Travel Writing
  • WRI 410: Arts and Entertainment Writing

Creative Writing

  • WRI 311: Creative Writing: Short Fiction
  • WRI 312: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • WRI 313: Creative Writing: Drama
  • WRI 340: Screenwriting
  • WRI 400: Creative Writing: Theory and Practice

Public Relations

  • WRI 216: Writing for Public Relations
  • WRI 226: Desktop Publishing
  • WRI 316: Public Relations for the Corporate Environment
  • WRI 426: Advanced Desktop Publishing

Technical Writing

  • WRI 220: Technical Writing & Communication
  • WRI 226: Desktop Publishing
  • WRI 321: Information Design
  • WRI 426: Advanced Desktop Publishing

These categories are designed to make specializing in one particular area of Professional Writing simple. However, the Professional Writing program affords you the chance to take any combination of these electives to satisfy your major elective requirement. Whatever your interests in writing may be, there is certain to be a combination of courses that will grant you the opportunity to study them. You will need to complete a minimum of four major electives, two of which must be at the 300 level or above. You can take a maximum of six major electives. The number of major electives you will need to take depends on the number of internship credits you earn.

You will need a total of 120 credits to graduate from Kutztown University. 42 of those credits will be Professional Writing credits.

The culmination of your undergraduate Professional Writing career is your senior semester, which includes a pre-professional experience (internship) and Professional Seminar. To be eligible for enrollment in these courses, you must have completed the 18-credit Core with a GPA of 3.0 or better. In addition, you must have completed two WRI courses at the 300 level or above and have earned a “C” or better in ENG 230: Advanced Composition. For more information about your senior coursework can be found here.