Senior Coursework

Senior year as a Professional Writing major focuses on preparing the student for life after the undergraduate degree by offering two distinct courses with the following goals:

  • Increasing preparedness for entering the professional world
  • Giving you a pre-professional experience in your field of choice
  • Offering resources and techniques for finding and securing a job
  • Giving you the tools necessary to succeed in your eventual vocation

With those goals in mind, the senior coursework breaks down into two programs, WRI 380:Professional Seminar and WRI 390:Writing Internship.

These courses are designed to be taken simultaneously during your senior year. To be eligible for enrollment in these courses, you must have completed the 18-credit Core with a GPA of 3.0 or better. In addition, you must have completed two WRI courses at the 300 level or above and have earned a “C” or better in ENG 230: Advanced Composition.

The purpose of your senior semester goes far beyond reinforcing the concepts that you will have learned over the course of your Professional Writing career. The value of the senior semester lies in its future-oriented, hands-on approach, intended to increase the student’s awareness of the reality of the working world and give them the knowledge necessary to succeed whether they plan to enter graduate school or take on the job market.

WRI 380: Professional Seminar

WRI 390: Writing Internship

Senior Comprehensive Exam